The South Dakota Department of Health, together with Avera Health, Regional Health and Sanford Health are working together to bring you SIM-SD (Simulation in Motion, South Dakota). SIM-SD is a one-of-a-kind mobile education program designed to bring this unique learning opportunity to pre-hospital and hospital emergency care providers in South Dakota.

SIM-SD allows providers who may only encounter a critically ill or injured patient once or twice a year the chance to encounter a similar ‘patient’ multiple times with focused feedback in a managed stress environment.

This ‘patients’ are actually human-like, computerized mannequins.  These teaching tools are some of the most technologically advanced training tools available to the medical community today.  They can breathe.  They can talk.  They can sweat.  They react to medication.  They can die.  All just like a human.  But, unlike humans, they can come back to life again and again.  All to help the student improve his skills as a provider, a communicator and a team member.  All to impact patient care for all South Dakotans.


SIM-SD Newsletter - January, 2013

SIM-SD Newsletter - January, 2014

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